Getting L.A.'d

Getting L.A.'d video
Getting L.A.'d video
Studio: Paradise Video (1986)
Director: Miles Kidder

Synopsis: Heading out of smoggy L.A. for hi-camp grounds,
stunning steel heiress, Kim (Nina Hartley) can't see the forest for the memories – California dreaming of her undercover lover, John (Jamie Gillis) long gone but not forgotten while Tracy (Kristara Barrington) is California scheming about blowing out Kim's torch song for some dancing to a different chum.In another part of the woods camp-vamp Martha (Amber Lynn), tired of the birds and the bees, leaves her mobile-home-sweet-home and hot-foots it to town where a barber shop duet shows her that the medium is the massage. Left hanging, hubby Henry (Ron Jeremy) grabs his rod and reels in a coupl'a high flying fish (Bunny Blu, Kari Foxx)to fry. Tracy, meanwhile, frustrated as Kim dreams on and on, is hot to trot and hooks up with Carl (Jerry Butler) inducing him to rid himself of some real nasty habits as Long John – at long last – steps out of a dream and into the heart of the matter until, on that coast with the most, everyone is happily Getting L.A.'d.