Foxtrot video
Studio: Command Cinema (1982)
Director: Cecil Howard
Runtime: 1:17:00

Cecil Howard's film about a sex-filled New Year's Eve is bound to pop your cork! Enough action to overload anyone's circuits.There's enough sex to go around for nearly everybody in the Manhattan directory. A wild party at the home of a crusty millionaire brings the characters together. The old boy's first catch of the day is a hot, Latin touch to the French maid category! The action switches to Artie peering through binoculars at the long legged exhibitionist Zelda when his wife, Gracie, catches him! He must be out of his mind to ignore such a foxy wife and she storms out looking for a 1-hour stand. Artie scurries over to check out his loose neighbor, resulting in an excellent scene for Marlene Willoughby fans. A contender for best scene has a babysitter losing it in a way so realistic it even be embarrassing. Her surprise and pleasure is priceless. Simultaneously, a sailor visits his girlfriend only to find her making it with another woman. Other erotic scenes lead to the big bash, where Vanessa gets it on in the laundry. Foxtrot ends with the yearly countdown, but you'll be celebrating for a long time after!