Flesh and Laces 1

Flesh and Laces 1 video
Flesh and Laces 1 video
Studio: Caballero (1983)
Director: Troy Benny
Runtime: 1:32:00

Harry, a self-made millionaire, is dying, but before he goes, he wants to see some heavy-duty Flesh and Laces! No problem! Only one of his four adult children can inherit the family fortune, by 'entertaining' old Dad in an erotic contest via closed circuit TV. Quickly, the race gets off with a bang in the wildest sexual competition ever!

In the first round, #1 son tries to fire his dad's imagination by doing some imaginative pencil sharpening with his new secretary. #2 son demonstrates his artistic endowments on a dazzling model while little sister Joyce spreads herself thin (and thick) on three of her dad's drinking buddies. Finally, #3 son three tries to top everyone in a hot three-way when two sizzling policewomen decide they have better things to blow than the whistle on him.

With the provocative help of his alluring attorney, Tamara, the amorous antics help raise dad's vital signs. Turning in his television, the 2nd battle of the excesses is about to start in Flesh & Laces II.