Firestorm 3

Firestorm 3 video
Firestorm 3 video
Studio: Command Cinema (1987)
Director: Cecil Howard
Runtime: 1:27:00

World Champion award winner- Cecil Howard- presents the shattering climax to his universally acclaimed FIRESTORM saga of powerlust and sexual intrigue. Everyone knows the story. FIRESTORM 3 brings its extravagant beauty and driving passion to a boil. International criminal- Lee Balcourt- locks horns with blackmailer- Ken Cushing- in a battle for ultimate control of Balcourt's fortune and the richest- most voluptuous women in the world: decadent Caroline- jaded Elise- innocent Claire- devastating Liza- and more. They will consume you in this outrageous climax to the greatest X-rated experience in history.

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