Firestorm 2

Firestorm 2 video
Firestorm 2 video
Studio: Command Cinema (1987)
Director: Cecil Howard
Runtime: 1:25:00

FIRESTORM stands as one of five all-time bestsellers. Everyone knows the story: womanizing Ken Cushing- Liza- and luscious Claire melded in a hot triangle of money- power- and sex. Claire's father- crooked oil boss Lee Balcourt- lost a vast fortune- a daughter- and his mind. Lee- swore to return and destroy Ken- who played a desperate game and won. Now- two years later- Lee- out of prison- hunts Ken and Claire. His search draws him into the velvet ring of a seething sexual underground. FIRESTORM 2 revs the heart-pounding saga of savage desire- powerlust- and fleshly delights past the breaking point. This sequel to history's greatest X yet is a matchless series of incindiary climaxes which confirm and surpass the legend.

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