Firestorm 1

Firestorm 1 video
Firestorm 1 video
Studio: Command Cinema (1984)
Director: Cecil Howard
Runtime: 1:42:00

It is rare--very rare--that an X-rated film transcends its competition to shine on its superior and unique erotic merit. FIRESTORM is such a production. There is much that Cecil Howard can teach you about making really good blue moves. FIRESTORM is the talented director's latest--and greatest--creation. The film's plot resolves around novelist Ken Cushing (ERIC EDWARDS). Magda Balcourt (KAY PARKER) has commissioned Cushing to write her life story. He agrees- and in doing so gets close to Balcourt's family- especially her daughter Claire (JOANNA STORM). But the writer's girlfriend Liza (brilliantly portrayed by VICTORIA JACKSON) taunts him for making sexual advances to the very young- very naive girl. The frustrated Cushing discovers that Claire is blind. An incredible chain of events brings Cushing- Liza and Claire into love triangle. FIRESTORM is an epic in its incomparable production values- daring script- remarkable performances- and blinding sensuality. For example- VICTORIA JACKSON partakes in an anything-goes foursome with GEORGE PAYNE- SHARON KANE and MICHAEL BRUCE. The stroking- sucking and penetration wind and flow to a point at which the bodies take on the shape of a multilimbed erotic reptile- feeding itself in a carnal ritual. A breathtaking scene! FIRESTORM introduces us to RIKKI HARTE. This buxom- platinum blonde sends off an aura part decadent debutante and part street-whore sleaze. Uncommonly inviting! From its bold- unusual scope- to its boundless passion and hard-core surrealism- FIRESTORM stands above its contemporaries and lays new groundwork for the serious future of good erotic cinema.

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