Fiona on Fire

Fiona on Fire video
Fiona on Fire video
Studio: VCA (1977)
Director: Warren Evans
Runtime: 1:53:00

A dead woman's diary helps a detective piece together what appears to get a senseless killing. A brother and sister are prime suspects. Based on the classic film "Laura", this film delves into the personal sex lives of all the people who intimately knew the beautiful, sexy woman.

Scene Breakdown
1. Amber Hunt | Jamie Gillis
2. Amber Hunt | R Bolla
3. Marlene Willoughby | Jamie Gillis
4. Amber Hunt | Pepe Valentine
5. Amber Hunt | Gloria Leonard
6. Ursula Austin | Reggie De Morton
7. Susaye London | Michael Thorpe | John Leslie
8. Amber Hunt | Michael Thorpe
9. Amber Hunt
10. Amber Hunt | Sam Dean