Final Taboo

Final Taboo video
Final Taboo video
Studio: Caballero (1988)
Director: Henri Pachard
Runtime: 1:17:00

Prepare yourself for a horny holy war when Rev. Rhodes tries to expose Rev. Fryer in this sizzling look at corrupt TV ministers. While Mrs. Rhodes is getting her rump thumped by a politically ambitious black minister, Rhodes enlists the services of Mrs. Walker. Soon this powerful madame is videotaping Fryer at a lust-drenched orgy. But Mrs. Walker gets the dirty lowdown on Rhodes too, by videotaping his sex escapades with many more raunchy revelations, including the kinky sexual tastes of Sadie May Fryer. In the depraved world of unholy desires, many may be on their knees, but it sure aingt going to be to pray!

Scene Breakdown
1. Ona Zee | FM Bradley
2. Nikki Knights | Robert Bullock
3. Denise Connors | John Leslie
4. Renee Morgan | Shanna McCullough | Robert Bullock
5. Shanna McCullough | John Leslie
6. Alicia Monet | Randy Spears