Female Athletes

Female Athletes video
Female Athletes video
Studio: Video X Pix (1979)
Director: Leon Gucci
Runtime: 1:30:00

The delicious Annette Haven is our girl out to prove that women have equal standing with men in sports. Viewed through sexual athletes she meets, Annette is introduced to a group of athletic supporters that do more for men than any type of undergarment. Her success brings her just rewards as she secures the position as the head of a sports magazine. She celebrates her success in an orgy over-flowing with feature porn super stars John Holmes and beautiful Desiree West.

Scene Breakdown
1. Annette Haven | David Morris
2. Annette Haven | Paul Thomas
3. Annette Haven | Jesse Adams
4. Annette Haven | Desiree Cousteau
5. Annette Haven | Desiree Cousteau | John Holmes
6. Desiree West | Dashile Miguele
7. Crystal Dawn | Michael Morrison
8. Cris Cassidy | Jessie St James | Richard Pacheco | John Seeman
9. Annette Haven | Paul Thomas
10. Dorothy LeMay | Carl Regal | Jon Martin
11. Annette Haven | Bonnie Holiday | Karen Boston | Lisa K Loring | Marlene Munroe | Blair Harris | Spender Travis | Don Fernando | Ken Scudder | John Seeman | Johnny Hardin | Paul Thomas
13. Marlene Munroe | Don Fernando