Fantasy Exchange

Fantasy Exchange video
Fantasy Exchange video
Studio: Vivid (1993)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:07:00

Angela and Randy are ready for their fantasy weekend. They're bringing their sexual appetites, their joy gel and not much else. No names. No address. No phone numbers. No family hi. That's what it's all about at the Fantasy Exchange: Your sexual fantasy, performed with no strings attached. And just to help you along, the exchange has assembles the hottest bunch of babes in Adult. Starting with the sultry blonde, Euro-legend Angela Baron. Call the exchange. It's not a 976 line. It's the real thing.

Scene Breakdown
1. Angela Baron | Krysti Lynn
2. Randy West
3. Chelsea Lynx | Randy West
4. Angela Baron
5. Nikki Sinn | Randy Spears
6. Angela Baron | Shawn Ricks