Dark Angel

Dark Angel video
Dark Angel video
Studio: VCA (1983)
Director: Peter Vanderbilt
Runtime: 1:01:00

Leeland Keller (Jamie Gillis) has a mystical encounter when a beautiful woman (Desiree Lane) looks deeply into his soul, a look that would drive him to the brink of sexual madness. Watch as Lee must now go to extreme measures to find pleasure. His descent into madness includes hot, orgies with sexually addicted mental patients gang bangs and bondage but nothing will satisfy his increasing madness.

Scene Breakdown
1. Lynx Canon | Martina Panzer | Jamie Gillis
2. Gail Sterling | Don Fernando | Francois Papillon | Nick Niter
3. Lynn Francis | Lynx Canon | Martina Panzer | Blair Harris | Don Fernando | Jamie Gillis
4. Genoa | Phaedra Grant | Sparky Vacs | Jamie Gillis
5. Lynx Canon | Blair Harris | Don Fernando
6. Blair Harris | Don Fernando | Jamie Gillis | Jon Martin
7. Desiree Lane | Jamie Gillis