Black Valley Girls 3

Black Valley Girls 3 video
Black Valley Girls 3 video
Studio: Crave (2019)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:16:00

Tiffany was hired to tutor Nathan but his girlfriend wasn't too pleased with the idea and with good reason. When the girlfriend returned from shopping, she found Nathan's load off over Tiffany's face!

Arie is one of the smartest girls in college but because she's such a bookworm, none of the guys go after her. When her neighbor shows up asking for her help with his grades, Arie proves she's as devious as she is smart and decides to trade grades for rock hard cock!

Jenna has an over-protective father so when she brings home a white boy to fuck, she has to be super careful to make sure her daddy doesn't find out. Ivory is watching a scary movie with her girlfriend but she didn't count on a hard cock creep in a devil's costume pounding her wet pussy during the flick!

Four scenes of beautiful, young black beauties getting drilled and covered in cum!