Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland video
Alice in Wonderland video
Studio: Arrow/AFV (1976)
Director: Bud Townsend
Runtime: 1:30:00

This top-grossing independent film is now available on DVD. "Alice in Wonderland," the first adult musical, has broken new ground. PLAYBOY cover girl, Kristine DeBell, considered by many to be the most beautiful girl in the world, can now be seen cavorting erotically with all the Lewis Carroll characters.

There has never been an erotic film that can come close to the production value of "Alice in Wonderland." It is a milestone in cinematic history, and is most certainly a true collectors item.

Scene Breakdown
1. Kristine DeBell
2. Kristine DeBell | Allan Novak
3. Nancy Dare | Terri Hall
4. Bree Anthony | Tony Richards
5. Gila Havana | Bruce Finklesteen
6. Astrid Hayase | Kristin Steen | Nancy Dare | Bree Anthony | Terri Hall | Bruce Finklesteen | Ed Marshall | John Lawrence | Tony Richards
7. Kristine DeBell | Nancy Dare | Terri Hall
8. Juliet Graham | Kristine DeBell
9. Nancy Dare | Terri Hall
10. Kristine DeBell | Ron Nelson