Alice in Whiteland

Alice in Whiteland video
Alice in Whiteland video
Studio: VCA (1988)
Director: Duck Dumont
Runtime: 1:25:00

Lovely Angel Kelly is Alice, lost in a topsy-turvy world of carnal combinations and interracial fantasies come true. Won't you join her for a madcap jaunt through the "Nookie Glass?" Especially since it involves plenty of rabbit holes and willing, hard cocks that are just daring enough to see how deep they go?

Scene Breakdown
1. Angel Kelly | Mike Horner
2. Keisha
3. Keisha | Steve Nolte
4. Angel Kelly | Denise Connors
5. Keisha | Billy Dee | Mike Horner
6. Keisha | Nina Hartley | Billy Dee | Mike Horner
7. Denise Connors | Joey Silvera

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