Daddy's Lil' Angel

Daddy's Lil' Angel video
Daddy's Lil' Angel video
Studio: Nubiles (2018)
Director: Unknown

When her stepdad walks in on her fucking her own juicy pussy with a vibrating toy, Alex does her best to hide what she's doing. He picks up the remote control for the vibrator and starts pushing buttons while it's still buried in her twat.

Avi's stepdad wants to talk to her about her naughty behavior. so he goes to her room to talk to her and walks in on her rubbing her creamy twat. Realizing that Avi is a sex crazed teen, her stepdad attempts to discipline her.

Chloe is doing her yoga routine when her stepdad starts complimenting her on her flexibility. Eventually he is disturbed by how provocative she is in her tight leggings and it becomes obvious that Chloe is trying to seduce him.

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