Eaten Alive video
Eaten Alive movie
1985 - 1:19:00



Studio: Video X Pix
Director: J Angel Martine

The Time: The future. The Place: An airport.

All flights are delayed. In a bar called the "Pink Paradise", our couples will have their lives changed forever. Min and Bill were flying to a sex clinic but the delay sends them into a bar where they meet the strange Mr. Pink. He makes the unhappy couple an astounding offer -- one year of incredible sex by just drinking his special "Pink Drink." However, they must show up next year for a refill. Min and Bill accept the drinks and are instantly turned into sex-hungry fucking machines.

In the airport ladies room, Carol weeps over the fact that she must spend her wedding night sitting on her luggage instead of her husband's hot tool. In the next stall, Barbie overhears her plight and offers herself to Carol and her husband for a bizarre threesome right in the bathroom!

At the information booth, Pam sends a miserable couple, Ted and Alice, to the bar for a pick me up. They indulge in Mr. Pink's special drink and waste no time in joining Bob and Alice in a frantic foursome.

Unknown to the happy couples, Pam and Mr. Pink are working together on a devious plot to enslave their sex-starved victims! When the couples return one year later looking for the "Pink Paradise" and Mr. Pink's c*cktails they find a surprise that would blow the mind of the most jaded sexual athlete.

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