Easy Way Out

Easy Way Out video
Easy Way Out video
Studio: Pleasure (1989)
Director: John T Bone
Runtime: 1:30:00

There is a tasty murder mystery here- along with tons of unadulterated hot kinky sex! Bob Lowe is being treated to all the voyeurism his wife- Misty Regan- can provide. She brings home every lewd couple or hooker she can find. Randy West and Victoria Paris are close friends of Bob and Misty's- and they have no trouble providing us with their own humping- grinding- moaning- and absolutely succulent sex scenes. And the surprise ending is a killer!

Scene Breakdown
1. Renee Summers | Victoria Paris | Randy West
2. Tianna Collins | Ray Victory
3. Tina Jordan | Sean Michaels
4. Malibu Barbi | Sean Michaels
5. Raven Richards | Jon Dough
6. Honey Moore | Misty Regan

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