Family Cuckolds

Family Cuckolds video
Family Cuckolds video
Studio: Desperate Pleasures (2018)
Director: Unknown

Tucker Stevens - My husband John and I were playing pool with his dad. John was pretty tired so he headed to bed. I stayed to play another round with his dad and that's when things got pretty interesting. He started to show me a few pointers and my pussy started quivering. A few lessons later and I was melting in his hands. Next thing I knew he had me bent over the pool table eating my pussy from behind. And that was just the beginning!

Stefania Mafra - I finally decided to introduce Daddy to my hubby and let him in on a little secret. See I make my husband watch me when I have sex with other guys. The poor schlub is so pussy whipped he actually tries to enjoy it too. Well after I introduced him to Daddy and told him the secret there was a bit of awkward silence so I grabbed Daddy's cock. That's right! I made my husband watch me fuck daddy!

Lux Lisbon - One night, I went out with my hubby but we ended up getting in a big fight. I wound up at his dad's house, tipsy and in tears. My father in law was pretty understanding and offered me his pullout couch for the night. He brought me a pillow and I asked him to sit with me for a bit. I don't know if it was the partying or what but something got me pretty turned on. My hand strayed to my father in laws crotch and things got really hot from there.

Lauren Phillips - Lauren and her father-in-law developed a very special relationship behind her husband's back. Unfortunately the primary footage was lost so all we were able to include was the behind the scenes version but since we announced Lauren as part of the series before we discovered the lost footage we included her scene as a bonus. Let us know if you enjoy the candid as much as we did and we'll get another scene rolling soon.