Professional Deviants

Professional Deviants video
Professional Deviants video
Studio: Anatomik Media (2017)
Director: Unknown

Accidental Aphrodisiac - Kira was distracted at the sex shop during lunch and ended up late for a meeting. She bought a mysterious pheromone that accidentally spills out when she arrives and the intoxicating scent takes over the women in the meeting, turning them into foul-mouthed, sex-crazed lunatics!

Succubus Whores - Dr. Lee has been missing for a week. Concerned colleagues from the University have shown up to his house to find out what's going on. What they find shocks and disturbs them . . . until Mia reads ancient text from a mysterious book and they become possessed by evil horny spirits!

Blasphemous Nun - Research assistant Gabriella is helping former nun Lea on a project. Lea recently left a Romanian convent and has been searing for information regarding a sexual incident there long ago. As they discuss the details of the transgression, they become two horny women just looking to sin.