Trans Parent

Trans Parent video
Trans Parent video
Studio: Gender X (2018)
Director: Jim Powers
Runtime: 2:16:00

See how the story unfolds as a husband and father (Mike) transitions from a man to a woman (Michelle). Hollywood is better for him to start his new life as he transitions from being a man and husband to like "sisters" with his wife. His coworker Lance tells his how he fucked Candy right in the office. Chad is unaware his father has moved out, once he's told he goes to see a shrink and the doctor's secretary Anabelle appears as he daydreams of being with her sexually. Chad's now sister (Allysa) has transitioned and she came along to the doc's who ends up with him! Finally Mike tells his ex coworker since he's retired that he's Michelle now. He meets with his other son Pierce and explains what's going on and his son ends up with Michelle's roommate Diamond. As a parent Michelle feels the family has come around to except the transition.