Gamer Girls

Gamer Girls video
Gamer Girls video
Studio: TrenchcoatX (2018)
Director: Kayden Kross
Runtime: 1:46:00

TRENCHCOATx's "Gamer Girls" is a collection of fun and fantastic vignette scenes featuring cosplay, fantasy scenarios, and real life gamers.

Gamer Girl April O'Neil has a sexual fixation on her favorite video game character, Jiz. Jiz doesn't seem to be all that aware of the situation, given the fact that Jiz only lives inside of a digital war zone. But when April happens upon a hidden easter egg, Jiz comes to life.

Jenna and Ayumi are a match made in heaven, but when Ayumi beats Jenna one too many times at their favorite video game, she must find a way to win Jenna's favor back.

When Katrina's boyfriend refuses to divert his attention from his video games to her, Katrina tries her go-to distraction. When that doesn't work either, she pulls out the big guns. Literally.

Carmen Caliente is a fellow gamer who has been invited on Manuel's channel to stream. Once there, though, she can't seem to focus on the subject matter at hand, turning instead to things she finds much more interesting below the desk. She's persistent enough that he loses focus, too.


Scene Breakdown
1. April O'Neil | Jiz Lee
2. Ayumi Anime | Jenna Sativa
3. Carmen Caliente | Manuel Ferrara
4. Katrina Jade | Stallion