POV Wars

POV Wars video
POV Wars video
Studio: Aziani (2017)
Director: Buzz Aziani
Runtime: 3:18:00

This is a dream for most guys, they get to fuck a super hot chick, cum where ever they want and never have to show their faces. We have invited 5 regular guys like yourself to shoot their own Point of View video with some of the hottest and horniest girls on the planet. We start each scene off with an interview to get to know the girls a little better before handing the camera off to the first of 5 guys. Each guys shot his POV video with the girl until he cums on the spot of his choice: facial, creampie, tits, ass or in her mouth. Once the first guy finishes his POV video, he calls the next guy to shoot his video with her and so on for all 5 guys. Yes, that is why it's called POV Train!

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