Pho'king Asians 2

Pho'king Asians 2 video
Pho'king Asians 2 video
Studio: Devil's Films (2017)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:00:00

Jade is in the kitchen making her grandmother's famous
noodles. She asks Cody to come in to taste them, he is really hesitant. He finally comes in complaining that he does not like Asian food. She begs him to just have a bite. She is dressed in really sexy lingerie which is the only thing that Cody cares about. As Jade is trying to feed him he cant keep his hands off of her. After a couple of minutes Jade finally gives in and begins sucking Cody's "noodle."

Ryan is sitting in his girlfriends favorite Pho restaurant,
when he gets a call that she is not coming. The waitress explains to him that they are closing soon. She asks him if everything is ok with his food because he did not really even touch it. Ryan explains that he does not know how to use chopsticks, Katana laughs at him. She sits next to him to help him and direct his hands in the right direction so that he can "learn" how to use the chopsticks.

Poor Eric is in bed sick with a horrible sore throat. His girlfriend Ember trys to make him feel better by dressing up in sexy lingerie. It does not work so she comes up with an idea. When she was young and did not feel well her dad made her this special soup. She returns with the soup and Eric starts to feel better almost immediately. Ember begins to tease Eric's dick with the noodles.

Cindy is at home waiting for her food to be delivered when she decides to jump into the shower. Right when she gets undressed she hears a knock at the door. When she opens she see's the delivery guy holding this crushed bag. When she grabs the bag her towel drops. The guy just stands there doing nothing. She asks him how long he has been working at the restaurant, when he pronounces the name incorrect. She helps him say PHO correctly. Helping him with his lip placement he then helps her with her "lip placement."

Scene Breakdown
1. Jade Luv | Cody Steele
2. Katana | Ryan McLane
3. Ember Snow | Eric Masterson
4. Cindy Starfall | Criss Strokes

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