Make Her Submit 3

Make Her Submit 3 video
Make Her Submit 3 video
Studio: Team Skeet (2017)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:27:00

This third edition of "Make Her Submit" by Team Skeet features all girl on girl action with the twist of submission and female domination.

Some women will just take what they want. Even if it's another woman!

North Nina is guy crazy so, her folks send her to live with her Grandma. She meets Ellena, a sexually aggressive woman who teaches Nina that there's more to sex than just dick. She realizes pussy is pretty damn good too!

Blake is telling her therapist Samantha how her last lover was "dominant". Samantha gets turned on and offers Blake her extra special therapy session. Nothing goes with pussy eating like a little bondage!

Tutor Sara is snooping through Lola's phone and finds some very sexy selfies. Not to pleased with this find she decides to teach Lola a lesson. She spanks her, strips her naked and starts eating her pussy. This is the ... BEST ... tutor ... session ... EVER!

Lily was going to her ex's house to mess with his head, but his mother Sarah, wasn't having it. She pushes Lilly against a wall, tears off her clothing and teaches this little vixen a lesson or two about love.