Clairvoyance video
Clairvoyance video
Studio: Girlsway (2016)
Director: Stills By Alan
Runtime: 2:09:00

Sex is a mainstay of the Wiccan Religion, but that's all new to Samantha Hayes, an Innocent young lady with a serious paranormal gift. She can see ghosts, the wandering lonely souls caught between this world and the summer land for one reason or another. Dahlia Sky reaches out to Samantha over the internet to put her gift to use. At first Samantha doesn't believe in Dahlia's story about her lesbian love Charlotte Stokely being caught between worlds after a serious binding spell went horribly right. Dahlia uses her power to show Dahlia her healing ability. Dahlia falls ill, craving Samantha's sexual energy to restore her
health. Later, Samantha uses this need for her sexual healing to help Charlotte's spirit materialize, and ultimately their threesome proves useful in helping Charlotte into the afterlife.