Matinee Idol

Matinee Idol video
Matinee Idol video
Studio: VCA (1984)
Director: Henri Pachard
Runtime: 1:22:00

Erotic film stars Lance
Hardy and Linda Hand (John Leslie and Jesie St. James respectively)
have hit the breaking point in both their careers and their off screen
relationship. Neither can accept the success of the other, as their egos
continually clash on the set of their latest production. So, unable to
resolve their differences, they go their separate ways, each hoping to
outdo the other with their sexual conquests. What will it take to
rekindle their love and reunite them as the screen's favorite erotic
couple? Or can only one of them become a matinee idol?

Directed by Henri Pachard (Babylon Pink), Matinee Idol
is a glamorously mounted hardcore romantic comedy, which co-stars
Colleen Brennan, Kay Parker, Tigr, Angel, and many more of the 1980's
biggest sex stars. Produced and written by (and also featuring) the
legendary David F. Friedman (Blood Feast), Matinee Idol is a
funny, touching, and unbelievably sensual story of making it in
Hollywood, which has been newly restored from its original 35mm camera
negative making its worldwide blu-ray debut, fully uncut for the first
time in decades from Vinegar Syndrome.

Scene Breakdown
1. Tigr | Herschel Savage
2. Jessie St James | Herschel Savage
3. Kay Parker | John Leslie
4. Angel | John Leslie
5. Colleen Brennan | Jessie St James | Herschel Savage
6. Angel | Herschel Savage
7. Jessie St James | John Leslie
8. Jessie St James | John Leslie