My New Black Stepdaddy 22

My New Black Stepdaddy 22 video
My New Black Stepdaddy 22 video
Studio: Devil's Films (2017)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:59:00

Amilia has just moved to New Jersey with her mother and her new black step-daddy. She has been getting asked questions by her friends about how big his penis is so one fateful day Amilia decides to find out the answer to that question. She sneaks into his room while he is sleeping and peeks under the covers. Uh oh. Stepdad wakes up. Wow is this embarrassing. But just as luck would have it he is understanding and allows the curious teen to sample the magic of his wondrous black member.

Daisy gets home from date to find her new black step daddy home alone. She tells him all about her date that evening and how boring it was. She wishes she could find a guy like him like her momma did. Well momma aingt around so Daisy puts on the move and next thing you know she has massive black cock rammed up her tight little pink pussy. He fucks the living hell out of this sassy little teen and ends with a spunk explosion in her kisser.

Turns out Jessica has been having an affair with her new black step-daddy. Falling in love, the young lady wants that big black dick all to herself. She is done sharing it with her mother. So she professes her love to her stepdad. He suggests they keep it a secret as her mom might be a little upset. And he has a lot to lose. She agrees and he gives her the high hard one.

Raquel wants to go to a huge summer festival really badly. Unfortunately, she has no money cause she did not listen to her mom and new black step-daddy about getting a job. So she decides she has other ways to talk step dad into getting the tickets. Let her little white pussy do the talking.

Scene Breakdown
1. Amilia Onyx | Nat Turnher
2. Jessica Rex | Sean Michaels
3. Daisy Stone | Jon Jon
4. Raquel Diamond | Tee Reel