Russian Institute Lesson 23 - The Cocktease

Russian Institute Lesson 23 - The Cocktease video
Studio: Marc Dorcel Fantasies (2017)
Director: Franck Vicomte
Runtime: 1:52:00

Excitement rises for the students of the Russian institute. For the first time, they're going in school trip in the countryside and they're well decided to make this journey more sexual than cultural. Apolonia, the leader of this group of shameless girls, is going to use all kinds of tricks to satisfy her teasing fantasies ... She definitely doesn't want to go back to the institute without tasting the enjoyable local specialties ...

Escaping the attention of their teacher, they're all going to search some new kinds of pleasures on this unknown hunting ground that won't disappoint them. Between an exhibitionist game, "foursome" sex on the edge of a river, the loss of virginity of a young farmer by two of our experts or even a liberating sodomy for their teacher, they will all keep a wonderful souvenir of this journey ... Even the wisest of them.

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