Backdoor Beauties 2

Backdoor Beauties 2 video
Backdoor Beauties 2 video
Studio: Babes (2017)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:21:00

Finally Edward gave in to Emma's desire and followed her to the mattress, where she pulled down his pants and began to lick and suck on his cock. Edward dropped to his knees and pulled her panties to the side and licked her pussy lips in tight circles. She whispered in Edward's ear she wanted to feel him stretching out her ass too. Emma lowered herself down on his cock; her first ever try at anal sex!

Good thing her friend Matt was creeping up behind her, hoping to play a little trick on her. When she caught him in the act of spying on her big boobs, Anissa invited him to come down and join her. Anissa undid her top so he could squeeze and fondle her melons. After sucking on his hard cock, Anissa bent over to get fucked from behind for some hot outdoor anal sex!

Gina hatched a plan right then to pretend she was locked out, and in need of a place to wait until the hotel could let her into her own room. It worked. Before long, Gina was showing Kristof her oral sex skills in bed. But Gina wanted more and straddled him, tickling his dick hard and fast up her ass until they pulled the sheets right off the mattress.

Since Joel was the only guy at the resort who interested her at all, Alexa pounced on the chance to get a hot fuck. Lucky for her, he took the bait, and joined her by the shower with his cock already stiffening. Alexa rode Joel's rod without a care in the world then took his dick and balls deep in her tight Spanish ass!

Kristy stripped down and put herself to bed butt naked. Kristof woke her up and used every bit of his seductive charm to turn Kristy on. Kristy was hot and horny from the moment she set her eyes on Kristof, and wanted to get her hands on his cock right away. They started fucking, Kristy got so into it she told him to fuck her in her ass!