Bush League 10

Bush League 10 video
Bush League 10 video
Studio: Devil's Films (2017)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:21:00

Brooke is thinking of shaving her pussy hair. This does not go over well with her boyfriend. He is a pussy hair loving hound. No way no how is that muff leaving. Like every man knows - that's a warm and comforting place. A nice place to put your hand. The muff warms the soul. They don't call it a pussy for nothing, cause it's warm and cuddly, and just a great spot to park the cock. He proves it as he worships the sweet pube covered mound with his slobbering tongue and next his throbbing man root. It's a pool side and in the pool romp for the ages as he glistens that sweet mound with his appreciation as they spoon in the shallows.

Something about growing a big bush really makes a woman horny. Maybe it's all the pheromones. Whatever it is, Angel has been insatiable since her bush loving BF made her grow out her pussy hair. She can't get enough. It's always so wet now. So wet. She has to play with it non- stop. When will he ever get home? She needs a dick in her and she needs it now. Hurry. He is stroking his cock as he rushes home. Coming into his house, phone to ear and dick in hand he dives straight into that hairy pit of desire and gets to munching beaver like a porn star from the seventies. His face literally disappears in the bush. Next his cock goes full camo as it hides out in the bush of that sweet cock socket. They bounce and fuck all over the place, culminating in a white shower of semen all over the hairy moist love thicket.

Plus two more thick bush scenes hiding treasures.

Scene Breakdown
1. Dolly Leigh | Marcus London
2. Angel Del Rey | Mark Zane
3. Brooke Haze | T Stone
4. Olive Dundee | Tommy Pistol