Blacked Out 8

Blacked Out 8 video
Blacked Out 8 video
Studio: Devil's Films (2017)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:01:00

Superstar Brittany Amber gets the blacked out treatment as she meats the swinging dick crew. Lots of gorgeous tease and intimate conversation lead into a fantasy come true for this hooker turned pornstar. Starting out with some hot masturbation as the four large dicked black men show her what they are working with she gets her opportunity to suck all the dicks, then get her sweet little pussy rammed tight with cock after massive cock. Rode hard and dripping wet that is just the appetizer as they bust open her winking pink sphincter with massive rods of steel as she writhes like a pig on a spit enjoying every second of her starfish getting reamed out. Britney - you just got BLACKED OUT.

Kacie Castle burns up the screen in one of the most scintillating sexual performances in Blacked Out history. And that says a lot. Like an athlete juggling an arsenal of cocks she is never without all four in or near her orifices. This girl is a fuck machine who assaults the cocks with an unbridled passion verging on nymphomania. From the insightful interview to her erotic tease this girl ignites the screen.