Divine Decadence

Divine Decadence video
Divine Decadence video
Studio: Caballero (1987)
Director: Henri Pachard
Runtime: 1:25:00

For the past year, newlyweds Emily and Victor (Alicia Monet & Joey Silvera) have been living in a villa on the French Riviera. An outsider might think these two are on an extended honeymoon ... but they are living a wanton, sex-filled life of Divine Decadence. Into this bizarre sex-world, Victor's sister Carol (Nina Harley) comes for a visit. Soon she is initiated into the depraved desires of the jet-set, and discovers her brother's shocking secret.

Scene Breakdown
1. Gaby | Tom Byron
2. Anna Fischer | Laura Lenz | Titus Sting
3. Nina Hartley | Alicia Monet
4. Anna Fischer | Joey Silvera
5. Gaby | Titus Sting | Robert Bigo
6. Alicia Monet | Joey Silvera