My New White Stepdaddy 17 video
My New White Stepdaddy 17 movie
2017 - 1:52:00

Studio: Devil's Films
Director: Unknown

Mr Rosano has a big heart. Knowing his new wife's daughter has been having issues staying out of trouble in Florida he has stepped up to the plate and brought her to live with them in California. Now Betheny is going to have to go to school and find a purpose in life. But all Betheny wants to do is fuck her new white step daddy. The flesh is weak and Mr. Rosano soon succumbs to her charms and finds his salami buried in her steaming wet pit of desire. Like a bucking bronco he rides her for all he is worth culminating in a geyser of baby batter upon her smiling and gleaming face. DAYA has been having problems sleeping in her own bed because the ac is not working well. And her mom does not want her in her's and her new husband - the white stepdaddys bed. Especially, after she got caught fucking her boyfriend. Well Daya cannot take no for an answer so when her white stepdaddy catches her she refuses to leave and decides instead to seduce him. How can he turn down this little ebony princess. With her braces and big butt and tits he is all over it. Plus two more equally hot scenes.

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