Cram Sessions

Cram Sessions video
Cram Sessions video
Studio: Brazzers (2014)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 3:30:00

Duel Intentions - There's a new hottie at school, and Kieran is determined to fuck her. His stepsister Raven decides to make a wager; if he fails, Raven gets to keep his Porsche, but if Kieran can seduce Rikki, he gets to fuck his naughty little stepsister.

Freaks And Geeks And Teets - It's Rachel's first day of university and she can't wait to make friends, but her new roomie Christy always letting her tits hang out and stealing Rachel's dates! It's time for Rachel to learn what college is really about; sloppy, steamy threesomes!

Goody Two Tits - Professor Lee is supposed to be teaching poetry, but he's distracted by the busty Miss Chase. After she teaches the class a thing or two about romantic poetry, Prof. Lee fantasizes about showing little Brooklyn what poetry is really all about. Fucking!

The Power Of Female Sexuality - Lizz can't come up with an idea for her thesis until she feels one right in front of her own two hands. She decides to write about the power big ol' fun bags have over men, and she whips off her shirt and sticks those DD's right in her professors face.

Wrong Dorm, Right Girl - Collegiate Mandy has had to move in to Xander's dorm room for a few days. She's also the dean's daughter, and if Xander wants to keep his scholarship. He'd better keep his hands off her. If only she'd stop doing that yoga and walking around with her tits out.