Squirting Housewives 2

Squirting Housewives 2 video
Squirting Housewives 2 video
Studio: Devil's Films (2017)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:00:00

Alana Cruise is caught masturbating one day by a young guitar instructor who is over giving her offspring a lesson upstairs. Wow is he shocked when he sees the hot MILF squirting liquid sunshine all over the kitchen island. He is drawn to the older lady like a moth to the flame. She pulls him in and fucks the young buck all over the kitchen as they drown in sweet squirt juice.

Young stud Jake has fallen in love with an older housewife who gave him the squirting experience of his life. It can be addictive and mesmerizing the first time a man causes a squirt. He is drawn back again and again It is burned into his brain. Jake will not leave till she blasts the magic potion again. What's a horned up housewife to do but let out one more gusher in the front yard hoping her husband won't come outside and and catch her.

How has Ms. Harts rose tree grown so fast. The gardener is shocked to see it has exploded in the last week. He soon finds out that Raven Hart has been squirting all over the yard. Is this the magical juice that makes all things grow. Cause his pecker is sure growing from watching her squirt all over his leg. Hot MILF Raven gets a hold of that hard cock and starts sucking it and takes his boner for a riding. Squirting like a Chicago fire fighting crew she sprays the backyard and the young lad with the nectar of love.

Bored housewife Zoey Monroe sits around playing with herself all day. Then one magical afternoon she hits a spot on her clit that sends her into a squirting frenzy. Oh my God. It's shocking. She calls her husband who rushes home to see what is wrong with his wife. Zoey feels she has to go to the doctor and immediately wants to show her husband what happened. Well she is nervous and needs his help. Once he gets to fucking her she is squirting like a race horse all over the place.