Make Her Submit

Make Her Submit video
Make Her Submit video
Studio: Team Skeet (2016)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:34:00

Sara wants to have sex but wants to stay a virgin even more. Amirah has a solution and is willing to teach her friend how to take it up the ass! The girls take turns pleasing each other with toys, tongues and fingers! Alice is the new girl at school and just wants to fit in. So when the class bullies start messing with her, she decides to roll with whatever they want her to do! Even if it means eating some box! What's a girl to do when she discovers her roommate hasn't been paying the rent and their both about to be evicted? Well if you're Lyra, you'd make your roommate get naked and do whatever you want! Else discovers her stepmom is cheating on her dad. When Alexis is asleep, Elsa sneaks in and ties her stepmom to the bed. This cheating mommy soon discovers that she's going to pay up - lesbian style! Stepmom Cory discovers her dildo is missing and knows her stepdaughter is the only one who could have it. She catches Roxy going to town on her pussy and decides to teach her a lesson on how to get off!