And In The End

And In The End video
And In The End video
Studio: MetArt (2016)
Director: Alis Locanta
Runtime: 1:37:00

And In The End features seven gorgeous girls in bittersweet romantic encounters that will tug at your heartstrings as well as your libido. The sexual tension is simmering between elegant Henessy and her busty girlfriend Nekane. Henessy is trying to leave, but as they reminisce their tender kisses turn passionate. Nekane sits astride Henessy's face, her big natural breasts jiggling as Henessy's tongue swipes between her pussy lips. She turns around into a sixty-nine, Henessy sucking and fingering her vigorously. Nekane kneels to lick her lover's puffy clit, the skilful tongue-work quickly brings Henessy to boiling point, before she finger-bangs her to an explosive orgasm. As the second episode begins, leggy blonde Patritcy is in the bathtub, watched by Talia Mint. Their relationship is ending, and although they are both filled with regret, their mutual attraction is still strong. They kiss fervently, Talia sliding her hand into Patritcy's panties to stroke her pussy, then peeling them off and lapping at her juiced-up slit. Patritcy turns onto her front and Talia spanks and squeezes her ass cheeks, then licks her into a frenzy of pleasure. Patritcy follows Talia into the shower, getting soaked as she grabs her for an intense kiss. She knees and eats Talia's pussy under the streaming water; when Tala's shaking legs can't support her any longer, she crouches on the floor and Patritcy fingers her to an orgasm that wracks her whole body.