Jug Jocky

Jug Jocky video
Jug Jocky video
Studio: Fantasy Massage (2016)
Director: Barrett Blade
Runtime: 1:36:00

"There's nothing quite as hypnotic as a Milking Table massage! First you have the relaxing rub down, where the scantily clad experts rub their client's tender bodies to prepare them for the mind blowing cock massages to come. But when the horny masseuses get carried away with themselves they offer their delicious massive breasts to their client, hypnotizing them into a horny trance until they can't help begging for a happy ending. But, at the Milking Table, Treatments always end with an explosive glory hole cock massage, and not with the masseuse's hands either. These buxom beauties use their warm, slippery deepthroats to tug their male client's big cocks and dangling balls until they get hard, gifting them with a throatful of hot jism or a tit shot from their generous, entranced male patients."