Nina Hartley's Guide To Hot Talk

Nina Hartley's Guide To Hot Talk video
Nina Hartley's Guide To Hot Talk video
Studio: Adam and Eve (2015)
Director: Ernest Greene
Runtime: 2:23:00

Nina Hartley is a pioneering feminist sex worker, using her body in the service of promoting the fundamental human right to sexual freedom. Active as a performer, director, writer and educator since 1982, her rock-solid commitment to the importance of sex-positive sexual autonomy has fueled Ms. Hartley's career in adult entertainment. Putting to use her degree in nursing, she and her husband, Ernest Greene, have produced the million-selling sex-ed video series collectively known as "The Nina Hartley Guides," from Adam & Eve, currently in its 28th episode. She is, also, the author of "Nina Hartley's Guide To Total Sex."