Deeper! Harder! Faster!

Deeper! Harder! Faster! video
Studio: Essex Home Video
Director: Unknown

This is pure, unfettered porn pleasure starring some of the biggest stars of the eighties hardcore scene. From naughty Nina Hartley to bodacious Bunny Bleu, these gals know what they want -- and just how to get it! It's a non-stop erotic cabaret as one luscious lady after another drives her man to untold heights of pulse-pounding passion. And since this was shot in the eighties, you can bet that every mouth-watering curve is an entirely natural treat! Filled with piston-pumping studs and insatiable sex kittens, this video delivers nothing but the naughtiest bits from each sexy starlet's bawdy bag of tricks. These gals may cry 'Deeper! Harder! Faster,' but you'll just be saying 'Play it again!'

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