Debbie Does Wall Street

Debbie Does Wall Street video
Debbie Does Wall Street video
Studio: VCA (1991)
Director: Wes Brown
Runtime: 1:25:00

Debbie's done some wild things in her time, but Wall Street? Get ready for frisky financial action as Nina Hartley and Raven send the Stock Market through the roof- along with your libido. No button-down dude or dress suited dame is safe from their leveraged sexual buyouts. No broker can say no to their erotic options. Why? Because Nina and Raven are bullish on boffing.

Scene Breakdown
1. Nina Hartley | Buck Adams | Marc Wallice
2. Devon Shire | Heather Hart | Randy West
3. Raven | TT Boy | Tom Chapman
4. Raven | TT Boy | Tom Chapman
5. KC Williams | Nina Hartley | Randy West
6. Carolyn Monroe | Buck Adams | Marc Wallice
7. Carolyn Monroe | Nina Hartley | TT Boy
8. KC Williams | Tom Chapman
9. Raven | Buck Adams | Marc Wallice