Backdoor Desires

Backdoor Desires video
Backdoor Desires video
Studio: Gourmet/GVC (1990)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:12:00

Trinity Loren, Shane Hunter: An outdoor spa serves as the site for a sizzling tryst that goes from cock-sucking to Butt-fucking. Shanna McColloough, Jamie Gillis: A woman is having an animated conversation with her two best friends both of whom are being stuffed by their respective mates. Then her own husband comes home and does her front & back. Bridgette Bleu, Rick Garcia: Bridgette and Rick couple in every way possible until at the very end a whole group of folks pile on to the bed for a monster orgy. Casa Nova, Buck Adams: Buck has lunch at the "Y" and its time for Cassie's patented upside-down anal. Kevin James, Yolanda Clarke: Burn up the set in an anal thriller that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Scene Breakdown
1. Trinity Loren | Shane Hunter
2. Kari Foxx | Billy Dee
3. Shanna McCullough | Jamie Gillis
4. Michelle Davy
5. Michelle Davy | Jean-Pierre Armand
6. Champagne | Kassi Nova | Trinity Loren | Rick Daniels | Ron Jeremy | Shane Hunter
7. Laura Landers | Craig Roberts | Tom Byron
8. Kassi Nova | Buck Adams
9. Yolanda Clarke | Kevin James