Lesbians Uncovered

Lesbians Uncovered video
Lesbians Uncovered video
Studio: Girlfriends Films (2006)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 3:00:00

This documentary is the first movie produced by Girlfriends films founder Dan O'Connell while still taking film classes at UCLA. A classmate wanted to make a lesbian documentary and Dan owned a couple of cameras. Interviews with real lesbians and lesbian couples provide insights into the lifestyles and social challenges of being a lesbian in modern day society. This is followed by a very frank discussion and exhibition of the joys of lesbian sex. Come see the movie that launched the incomparable Girlfriends Films. What turns on lesbians? What fetishes do they have? How do they have sex? How did they come out? What do they look for in other women? What about female ejaculation? Girlfriends Films presents the XXX documentary that goes into the minds and behind the doors of a lesbian.


Unknown Cast