Intimate Illusions

Intimate Illusions video
Intimate Illusions video
Studio: Alpha Blue (1978)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:13:00

Angel is a San Francisco hooker who gets mixed up in an armed robbery and ends up in a cop car on a high speed chase. They head back to his place for a drink, a joint, and a fuck. Meanwhile the escaped bandit makes it with a teenage babysitter and the cop's slut wife! In the end we learn that nothing solves life's problems like a disco club orgy. Intimate Illusions features original theme music, inventive sex, and one of the better car chases in 70's porn history. At first glance the film is straightforward and simple, but it's by playing it so safe that this ambitious action/comedy offers up some real strangeness without even trying. Though the sex is frequent and done right, the film that surrounds it is interesting and entertaining for what it does wrong.