Sizzle video
Sizzle video
Studio: Video X Pix (1979)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:25:00

This classic sex film offers five amusing short stories, all guaranteed to get your stroke on! For openers, a hot gangster babe gets a gang of hoods to service her on command, and in every orifice! The next scene is based on O. Henry's "Ransom of Red Chef", with an insatiable, sassy billy girl who nearly screws her depraved kidnappers to death! Then a super hot cheating wife and her lover tart fucking, just as her shocked husband arrives home! What happens next will blow your mind. And how about a family soap opera where sisters get mixed up in bed with the wrong husbands! Finally, the gorgeous Samantha Fox returns wearing a fishnet to continue her amorous ways! With legendary stars like Fox, Candida Royalle and Ron Jeremy, this is a must see for any fan of classic porn.