Creasemaster video
Creasemaster video
Studio: VCA (1993)
Director: Gregory Dark
Runtime: 1:25:00

Meet Jean-Paul Slamdog The Creasemaster. His obsession is the crease, and not just your everyday, average crease. No, Slamdog's in love with the crease between beautiful women's legs and he'll do anything to get at it. His only problem is a four letter world wife. Another instant classic from the award-winning director Gregory Dark.

Scene Breakdown
1. Tiffany Million | Jonathan Morgan
2. Heather Hart | Jonathan Morgan | Marc Wallice
3. Lacey Rose | Tiffany Million
4. Devon Shire | Lacey Rose | Mike Horner
5. Tiffany Million | Kyle Houston | Tim Lake
6. Tiffany Million | Jonathan Morgan
7. Christina Applelay | Tiffany Mynx | Jonathan Morgan