Crazy From the Heat

Crazy From the Heat video
Studio: Sin City (1999)
Director: Michael Raven
Runtime: 1:19:00

Award Winning Director Michael Raven's sizzling tale of an over-heated blonde with a blaze in her genes ... in other words Nikki Lynn flambé. Sinful Nikkis caught in the worst heat wave in L.A. history, it is hot ... sHe is sweaty, horny and beginning to lose her grip, that old radio on the shelf keeps telling her to do the nastiest things, it is like a voice in her pretty head that makes her mind wander and her pussy wet with desire. From the air-conditioned repairman ... to an interracial three-way to a Hungarian beauty and her boy toys. Nikkis dirty radio games take her into a blistering sex-charged inferno of total sexual abandon.

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