Corporate Assets 2

Corporate Assets 2 video
Corporate Assets 2 video
Studio: Adam and Eve (2000)
Director: Thomas Paine
Runtime: 1:35:00

Jill Fields (Juli Ashton) thought she had it all: a wonderful marriage- a new dream home and an escape from her former life in the "world's oldest profession." Soon- she discovers- things aren't always as they appear ... See what happens when the past catches up with the present for four old friends who would do anything for each other -- including the ultimate sacrifice! From the innocence of a spontaneous blow job along a country road to the exploration of her husband's (Mark Davis) most depraved fantasies of erotic submission- front door- back door- candle wax- latex and group sex- Jill joins Rebecca Lord and Michael J. Cox in an exploration of the darker side of XXX!

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