Comeback video
Comeback video
Studio: Vivid (1995)
Director: Paul Thomas
Runtime: 1:28:00

It's her fist boy /girl film in 2 years, and guess who Christy 's playing: An adult superstar making her first boy /girl film in two years! It's Paul Thomas' wild comedy about the trials, tribulations, and finally, the successful comeback of an adult luminary. Christy's in top form, as she joins the beautiful Jenteal and Asia Carrera, in "Comeback".

Scene Breakdown
1. Christa Rain | Michael J Cox
2. Shelby Stevens | Ian Daniels
3. Christy Canyon
4. Dallas | TT Boy
5. Christy Canyon
6. Christy Canyon | Jenteal
7. Christy Canyon | Tony Tedeschi
8. Christy Canyon | Steven St Croix
9. Asia Carrera | Christy Canyon | Steven St Croix

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