Jenna's Dream Dates

Jenna's Dream Dates video
Jenna's Dream Dates video
Studio: Peach (2004)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:00:00

Do you ever dream about spending the night with the hottest girls on the planet? Well, so does Jenna Jameson! Except when you're Jenna, you not only get the girls of your dreams, but you can set them up with each other. See what happens after the small talk ends and the action begins when Autumn Austin and Jamie Lynn break the ice with a game of strip pool ... Teanna Kai and Felicia Tang get soaking wet before the car even leaves the driveway ... Jesse Capelli, Breanne, and Isabella get together for a nightcap that turns into an all-nighter. These are just a few of the scorching hot dates Jenna and Peach DVD have picked just for you! Then sit back and get hooked-up with everyone's Dream Date ... JENNA!